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Lost it at Maze

The adjectivally challenged Gordon Ramsay, continues to have a difficult time, with the closure, last year, of Maze, his exclusive Cape Town restaurant, announced.  It’s another set back for the chef who has lost some of his most prestigious restaurants in the last few years including Petrus, The Boxwood Café and his eponymous restaurant at the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair.

Although only a consultant at Maze, a source at the restaurant whom I contacted explained, that Gordon had last visited two months earlier.

The source added

“Nobu is next door and is always thriving, but Ramsay’s place was mostly empty.  The problem is that when people did come, they wanted to know that Ramsay would be there.  The fact is he was never there and that was the problem.”

The issue with some chefs – along with their occasionally limited vocabulary – is wanting to run before they can walk.  Instead of being content to be one of Britain’s best cooks, Gordon, like so many before him such as Raymond Blanc, Tom Atkins, Jean Christoph Novelli etc etc etc embark on ambitious branding operations, often where the financial structure of the enterprise is about as stable as your average meringue.

When will they learn that what we want – in tandem it would appear with diners in Cape Town – is that they simply turn up, roll up their sleeves and cook the food and leave branding to Mickey Mouse, or maybe that’s been the problem.

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