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Lytham Shrimps

Warrick Dodds' Lytham Shrimp Salad - find it at the Hastings Lytham

Lytham has long been synonymous with the shrimp.  This tiny crustacean has been landed in the town for hundreds of years and currently the fleet of little shrimping boats can be seen bobbing in the estuary, adjacent to the slade by Seafield Road.

The shrimpers hardy tractors, parked by the sea wall, take out the small tenders, from which the fishermen disembark their prize catch.

You may well ask – why is Lytham synonymous with shrimps? Well, it’s all to do with the River Ribble, which floods the estuary with fresh water, laden with nutrients.

Crucially, this dilutes the salinity of the channel, which is important for shrimps to flourish, as is a raised water temperature – provided by the shallow depths which wash over the sun-heated sandbanks. The result is we get to land on our shores a true gourmet delight.

The shrimpers have left an indelible mark on the town in various ways, not least in their attractive fisherman’s cottages, which still exist on Henry Street, Westby Street and Warton Street amongst others.  Warrick Dodds’ Lytham Shrimp Salad – find it at the Hastings Lytham

Recent years have seen the town gain more recognition because of the excellence of its seafood – not to mention the diligence of its shrimpers themselves – and they finally received artistic recognition with the unveiling of a marvelously artistic statue, which now graces the pond at the centre of Lowther Gardens.

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