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Modernist masterpiece/folly now open for business

The modernist masterpiece/folly is up and running, can you believe it?  After a mere four years of finding, designing, planning and now building our homage to contemporary architecture, we’ve at last spent our first night in our new Mallorcian house.

We’ve christened it – somewhat pretentiously, Alchemy because, unlike that medieval pseudo science, we’ve succeeded in transforming worthless base materials such as stone and cement into something magical.  I warned you about the pretention.

After a year of continuous building our first night was a watershed and even though for most of that time we have resembled latter day Miss Havershams – covered in dust and debris – it was all worth it for that one night.  Well nearly.

We’ve now retired back to the UK for a bit of well earned R & R before getting our second wind and going back into the fray.

The whole debacle is to be chronicled in a book, soon to be published under the title “The Building Obsession” and for those of you intrigued to get a glimpse of Alchemy have a look at the accompanying photographs.

Locals, so I am told, have speculated as to the purpose of this new structure rising in their midst.  It’s a hotel, I’ve been told confidently, a rehab centre and most obscurely a nuclear bunker.

Well, whatever comparisons are most appropriate, we think it truly sings but will be happy to hear all your comments both good and bad.  The experience to date has proven amusing and amazing as well as infuriating and frustrating and has made us realise what a huge gulf does exist culturally between the UK and Spain – or more accurately Mallorca – to many respects a country in its own right.

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