Dining Critic

My musings, thoughts and opinions have been sought for over 25 years by a range of newspapers and magazines. Firstly, as a consequence of being the founder of Hi-Life, representing 100,000 members and several thousand prominent restaurateurs – including Raymond Blanc, Gary Rhodes and Marco Pierre White – and more recently as an influential independent voice on the food industry as a whole.

Over the years I’ve campaigned for everything from the importance of provenance and local sourcing right through to the scandal of restaurant staff not being given customers gratuities.

A natural iconoclast, my aim, is to act as an independent voice on the dining industry, reporting on whatever catches my eye be it new openings, new trends or the absurdities of excess and hubris that sometimes engulf some of more well known chefs.


No doubt as a consequence of my suitably velvety tones I am now to be heard giving my opinions on the sometimes crazy world of dining on any number of BBC and independent radio stations – telling it like it is, talking about the latest fads and fashions and puncturing the sometimes pompous bubbles of hot air that seem to emanate from some of our more well known chefs.

Once, having been described as having a good face for radio – I’ll let you be the judge – I’m also seen from time to time on TV too.

Travel writer

Initially inspired by nothing more altruistic than poverty I’ve contributed dozens and dozens of travel features for a range of publications over the years, from Life Magazine and World Traveller to corporate titles including American Express, Harvey Nichols and the Four Seasons magazine.

Featuring the great, the good and the not so good and from the excesses of La La land to the privations of Zanzibar you name it my perambulations have taken me there.

My latest enterprise involves me building what I hope will become a modernist masterpiece, amidst the rural charms of Mallorca and in the process, I’m about to publish a book titled “The Building Obsession” explaining – should anyone have any doubt – the folly of such an enterprise.


Since receiving the proverbial “offer I couldn’t refuse” and disposing, therefore, of my hitherto all consuming role in Hi-Life, I am now blessedly able to pursue other more stimulating enterprises.

Able to pick and choose only the most tantalising of enterprises, I perpetually turn down many more offers than I accept.

That said, should you be a struggling independent restaurateur, an established brand, or a new enterprise, you never know, you might just have that certain je ne sais quois that would tempt my taste buds.

For those lucky few, such as the Hastings in Lytham, I will consider a consultancy role to help define and strategically plan the most profitable way forward.

Personal appearances and public speaking events that suitably tantalize my taste buds I may also consider.